onsdag 26 mars 2008

filled with repulsive thoughts

this morning i woke up and dindnt want to arise from my bed. at ten oclock i was suppose to go riding with jojjis, and i wasnt inthe mood. i was tired and a little bit depp from the alcohol yesterday. we went dining, indian food,) it was soooo good, but as i am on a diet, it was too much. and at the end of a great evening, one of my collegues from last year, offered to pay everything! ha! a sweet dinner for free!

anyway, i dragged myself out of bed, met jojjis in the doorway and we had breakfast and scrambled out to the car and the 2 km to the little stable. and the ride was very nice, 2 hours of tranquility and beutiful views.

i am again watching fama, hahahaha;)

tomorrow we are off to palma for a shopping and bar spree, it will be..... mmm;) 2 long nights without my little boy;)

the work i accepted as receptionist makes me feela little uneasy and doubtful. its 500 euros less than i earned last year a month. so hmmm, i had (still have) a good felling and intuition about the job, amazing working hours, nice collegues, i know the hotel but it is this about the money!!!i just keep thinking what if? what if i would have stood up for myself when i asked for more money.but for the future i have learned my lesson, ihope.

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