tisdag 25 mars 2008

FINITO!!! It's the start of something new...

i will from now on write a blog, openminded and truthfully. no more nicknames and difficult explanations, just everything that pops into my mind. i will always be honest!

right now i am sitting in my livingroom in mallorca, outside the sun is shining and its warmer than it has been the last 4 days, i guess the summer wants to show its face one again...
my beautiful friend is here from sweden. the one and only "jojjis". the love i feel for her is unconditional, we can go months without talking, each of us living our lives without the other. then comes a day when we just have the need to be closer. that is what has happened. one week i have her in my apartment sharing with my boy. it must be a lilttle bit hard on both of them because they dont know eachother, but both are being really lovvies about it. yesterday we went out driving, visited a (boring) market in Manacor, continued driving to Sineu that my sister told me about. well, for me it wasnt THAT special... but nice, we found a little sunny spot beside an old well and just talked. great! we passed through gorgeus little villages and breathtaking views of the country.
we talked during the day about love, friendship and priorities. very important stuff and for me very important to talk about. here in cala millor, it is not easy to find friends, real friends. friends, the ones you can really speak to, listen to, the ones that questions you, challenge you and helps you become a better person. more open. i really miss this, having someone important to you (except my boy) at your side, with love and caress.

as always i am watching FAMA in cuatro. go quique!!! you are the best and you have to win!!!!!

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