söndag 16 september 2007

P A R T why? because i gotta!!!

yesterday was party;) first coctailparty at the guides house and then to the moon house :LUNA. well, i dont really like that place but hey, with friends in a good mood i can go anywhere! we had gin tonics and played " i have never" the most funniest thing was (well there was so many funny things;) one was when mR idol peed aon himself! hahahahahah! he is so funny!!! and then that three of the people around the table have had sex with someone around the table... but nobody saw anyone naked!!! great laughs! i was looking at the time and thought, do i want to go home? during the whole summer i have been out late one time, ONE TIME! uuuuuuuuuu porque? well i have fun in my house ;) i stayed and we moved on to havana. uhhhh but before i left a couple of people came to luna, oh it was fun! write motre later

onsdag 12 september 2007

What does selfish people need?

If a person is selfish, do they know? can they do anything about it alone or do they need someone to tell them to stop. i guess, if someone told me serious, "pernilla, i think you should think about not being so selfish," in a good way and coming from someone i trust, i would try to change. right?

i dont know what to write about. i dont have any inspiration. i feel empty.

i have a very brave friend. i never see her almost, but i know she is there. she has a bun in the oven. everything that can happen (almost) has happen to her in the bad sentence... but she fights, has a heart of gold and is strong. a big hug to you! you know who you are.

måndag 10 september 2007

The art of writing

that is one thing i am not even a little bit good at. and then i know also for a fact that my work is not very inspiring, when i am at home at night, trying to sleep, thats when i thik about things i want to write about. anyway...

i feel baaaaad, i think i am going to be ill. my boy was ill a couple of days, well he is still bad. anyway, i dont really care about getting it so here i am! hahaha i just hope i get so sick that i cant work. then i shall do as one of my collegues does, call 1 hour before i start and say i cant come. ha!

today was a long day, and i still have two hours to go. i worked one hour this morning at the doctors office, then i took the car, bought some breakfast and went to the house of my suegra. ate and went to manacor. market day, i needed panties... we almost crash on the road because some grandfathers decides to cross the highway very stupidly. then my suegra almost start a real fight with a red stupid car behind us. anyway, big market, a few panties 1 euro each;) a scarf, a couple of heels for 3 euros, 2 tops and some underware with a tiger on;) for my boy. hahaha that will be hilarious;)!!! then grocery shopping filling the car. ok, i got home at three pm and did a spanish stop outside our door. (there was a line of cars lining up behind me while my boy was getting the things out of the car:) then he was another angel and made me a bocadillo to eat. and then in 5 minutes we had the time to have a discussion, make upp and kiss!!! hahaha!
and now from four pm i am here at work, its not fun but ok, i like it.

my twin harrassed me yesterday for hour about her personal letter and curriculum, she needs a job. oh my god, she is a pesada sometimes! but she writes really good so it wasnt too bad ;) anyway, today, after 12 hours, she had 5 phonecalls and 2 job offers. icredible!!!! she is good!
anyway she needs it, her boy is a very very long way from her now and to see him again she needs those white and green...

i have a brainstopp! i dont think that word actually exist.

fredag 7 september 2007

My family and friends

friend=la vida

The most beautiful house...

Yesterday i went to a friends (sweet) house for dinner. Nalle2 had a birthday and we had bought a massage for her. she was greatly surprised! didn't expect anything;) i love good surprises.

we were talking about work, there is so much so talk about! haha, we are all off from work but all we discussed were the stupid people at work! there are lies and backstabbing. and here i am, thinking a job well done, with a smile on your face and a lot of initiatives would make your job a sure thing for the next season. because for the first time when i can actually see myself working here, at the same workplace, next year. for me that is something big, i was actually counting on it for the next season. then we have these... hmm... people who decide things... and they (tree and snake) are actually the backstabbers, the lyers...
i don't know why, but it seem like every time i come across this type of boss, they see that they cant buy me, and treat me different. or its simply that i have something that makes people with power dislike everything that i am... who knows? it just seem that every place is corrupt.
so, yesterday i asked Sweet and Nalle2 what they think, will they offer me work next year?
and the answer, as i thought... no. only if they remodel the whole hotel as they should during the winter they would need me. that means that they prefer someone (boy) who is worse at his job, but kiss ass better. well, their loss. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

onsdag 5 september 2007

Stranger people than...

I see sick people, strange people. If you had to go to a doctor that you had never seen before, wouldn't you feel it necessary to tell about your diabetes? or ulcer? or if you had bronquitit, tell him about the cancer you had 7 years ago and the removal of half a lung? well, obviously not! even though i only work as a translator 3 days a week a couple of hours, i meet the most strange people. its actualy fascinating. i wonder if i would choose to forget these simple things if i had to see a doctor on my vacation? Its almost the same when it comes to the guests in the hotel...
"i have ants in my room, they eat my underwear (big holes). i want compensation, at least 10 euros to buy new ones" I mean, these are small sugar ants, the holes were big in comparison. AND big. hahahahaha! QUE VERGUENZA!!!

Anyway, i asked today about my eczema, the secretary asked me if i am a nervous person...
my colleague says that i am a "sin verguenza" :) that i say everything, i don't have a limit, that i have a very strong character.
well, that is true;) not always good, but it doesn't matter.
what i think? i don't know, last year i was under a lot of pressure and stress from work, 9,5 hours 6 days a week and half of the time i didn't have time to think or even breathe... then i am not a smoker so i never even took small brakes... because of all that, my relationship went bad and also my private life, i never left my house. eat, sleep, shit and work... very bad. so maybe from then i haven't recuperated?

today the weather changed, the winds were very "wintery". i like it, i don't need the beach anymore for a while, not when i have to work anyway. on vacation i cant get enough!!! at least until i burn:)

i am thinking about the future. sometimes i just want to settle down, buy a house close to the woods and the see, have a cat and a dog. you know work and go on vacation, instead of work 6 months, leave the apartment and travel, live in different places, always someone Else's house/home. it gets hard after now 3 years.
but then, i don't know where that place would be? i want to explore the world, find my place here on the globe. but then my boy, don't have the need... what to do? patience is the word, perhaps in 1 year, or 2? or 3? and i am not the best person with patience...
but, if there is love, everything will be fine. AND I LOVELOVELOVE A LOT!

don't we all?

söndag 2 september 2007


well this is suppose to be something inventive and good, but i am just so ANGRY!!!
first, i am working with CHILDREN! please just do your job!!! i mean, one come, look around, see a good ass, sass after it and go out and make out! so much for that protection!!!
and then it smelled of smoke and the stupid alarm went off, (it always goes off) and he just"uhh she says its going to burn" tell everybody like he enjoys making fun of me, although i was right!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so, have to go, finish work now.
i'll try not to dream bad dreams tonight.