söndag 30 mars 2008

a looong weekend in palma

a sunday sleeping in, waking up at 12.30 for the first time in a long time with my wonderful boyfriend feeling sooo good. satisfied, happy and very much in love.

yesterday i left my dear friend jojjis at the airport. we have had a couple intesive days in palma sleeping in a hostel and shopping til we dropped. it was crazy, the thursday started with a trainride from manacor to palma's new underground station. we hailed a cab and got to the hostel in the centre of palma. the room was dark with almost no ventilation, smelling of smoke and depressing. but it was cheap and central and we were only going to sleep there. the bitch in the reception refused to take ten euros to little as payment for the room so we had to get some money and then we went to say hi to crazy lolita in hotel tres. then it was time forshopping; h&m, zara, pimkie, pull and bear and all the other small shops there. we had ice cream and smoothies and a real spanish lunch. so naturally my diet went to hell these few days. i felt so bad but i couldnt help myself cause i wanted to show jojjis all this wonderful food and just relax. (anyway as soon as she left i continued my well practised natur house diet.)

we had dinner in the santa catalina quarters and had a couple of beers there before starting our search for the party peple and the exotic coctails. we stumbled upon the irish pub Hogans but it was crammed with people and no coctails near. we continued along the paseo maritimo and ended up in a weird swedish-spanish-beach style bar with a lot of people and relaxing music. the cute bartender had never heard of piña colada so we had to drink vodka lemon X2.

next stop were my favoutite Made in brasil. intoxicatingly good carribean music and happy people making really god coctails. i had to fend off a drunk brasil boy who had his mind set on grasping my hand, jojjis had the same from an old (38 something) man from madrid who (as all of them) thought he could dance merengue and asked me to to a swing with him... but of course he was splashingly wet behind his ears...

the night ended in a crowded bar Thalassa and a good "quiereme from el barrio) and we stumbled home into bed drunk and happy. the friday we were both in a bad hungover mood and just barely got to shop a little before we were too tired. we went to the amazing sushirestaurant WasABi and had too much sushi, talked to a really nice german couple that moved to the sunny island 7 years ago. after that it was time for bed so we walked home in the night, talking about all and everything. how sad it is to have to live so far away from a dear friend, that it essential to have someone to talk to, someone who challenge you and makes you see things from different views. i miss you joojis, every day that i dont have you here close to me. i just wish things were different. and i love you, for everything you are and for making me see my actions differently.

and the only sad part, my camera isbroken. idont know what has happened, no dropping in the floor, no water. it just doesnt want to work! stupid cow!

now as closure for today i want to show a picture of me from new years, one of the last photos of me before i started my natur house... now 7 kilos lighter i do not look the same...

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