söndag 16 september 2007

P A R T why? because i gotta!!!

yesterday was party;) first coctailparty at the guides house and then to the moon house :LUNA. well, i dont really like that place but hey, with friends in a good mood i can go anywhere! we had gin tonics and played " i have never" the most funniest thing was (well there was so many funny things;) one was when mR idol peed aon himself! hahahahahah! he is so funny!!! and then that three of the people around the table have had sex with someone around the table... but nobody saw anyone naked!!! great laughs! i was looking at the time and thought, do i want to go home? during the whole summer i have been out late one time, ONE TIME! uuuuuuuuuu porque? well i have fun in my house ;) i stayed and we moved on to havana. uhhhh but before i left a couple of people came to luna, oh it was fun! write motre later

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