fredag 7 september 2007

The most beautiful house...

Yesterday i went to a friends (sweet) house for dinner. Nalle2 had a birthday and we had bought a massage for her. she was greatly surprised! didn't expect anything;) i love good surprises.

we were talking about work, there is so much so talk about! haha, we are all off from work but all we discussed were the stupid people at work! there are lies and backstabbing. and here i am, thinking a job well done, with a smile on your face and a lot of initiatives would make your job a sure thing for the next season. because for the first time when i can actually see myself working here, at the same workplace, next year. for me that is something big, i was actually counting on it for the next season. then we have these... hmm... people who decide things... and they (tree and snake) are actually the backstabbers, the lyers...
i don't know why, but it seem like every time i come across this type of boss, they see that they cant buy me, and treat me different. or its simply that i have something that makes people with power dislike everything that i am... who knows? it just seem that every place is corrupt.
so, yesterday i asked Sweet and Nalle2 what they think, will they offer me work next year?
and the answer, as i thought... no. only if they remodel the whole hotel as they should during the winter they would need me. that means that they prefer someone (boy) who is worse at his job, but kiss ass better. well, their loss. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

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