måndag 10 september 2007

The art of writing

that is one thing i am not even a little bit good at. and then i know also for a fact that my work is not very inspiring, when i am at home at night, trying to sleep, thats when i thik about things i want to write about. anyway...

i feel baaaaad, i think i am going to be ill. my boy was ill a couple of days, well he is still bad. anyway, i dont really care about getting it so here i am! hahaha i just hope i get so sick that i cant work. then i shall do as one of my collegues does, call 1 hour before i start and say i cant come. ha!

today was a long day, and i still have two hours to go. i worked one hour this morning at the doctors office, then i took the car, bought some breakfast and went to the house of my suegra. ate and went to manacor. market day, i needed panties... we almost crash on the road because some grandfathers decides to cross the highway very stupidly. then my suegra almost start a real fight with a red stupid car behind us. anyway, big market, a few panties 1 euro each;) a scarf, a couple of heels for 3 euros, 2 tops and some underware with a tiger on;) for my boy. hahaha that will be hilarious;)!!! then grocery shopping filling the car. ok, i got home at three pm and did a spanish stop outside our door. (there was a line of cars lining up behind me while my boy was getting the things out of the car:) then he was another angel and made me a bocadillo to eat. and then in 5 minutes we had the time to have a discussion, make upp and kiss!!! hahaha!
and now from four pm i am here at work, its not fun but ok, i like it.

my twin harrassed me yesterday for hour about her personal letter and curriculum, she needs a job. oh my god, she is a pesada sometimes! but she writes really good so it wasnt too bad ;) anyway, today, after 12 hours, she had 5 phonecalls and 2 job offers. icredible!!!! she is good!
anyway she needs it, her boy is a very very long way from her now and to see him again she needs those white and green...

i have a brainstopp! i dont think that word actually exist.

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