onsdag 5 september 2007

Stranger people than...

I see sick people, strange people. If you had to go to a doctor that you had never seen before, wouldn't you feel it necessary to tell about your diabetes? or ulcer? or if you had bronquitit, tell him about the cancer you had 7 years ago and the removal of half a lung? well, obviously not! even though i only work as a translator 3 days a week a couple of hours, i meet the most strange people. its actualy fascinating. i wonder if i would choose to forget these simple things if i had to see a doctor on my vacation? Its almost the same when it comes to the guests in the hotel...
"i have ants in my room, they eat my underwear (big holes). i want compensation, at least 10 euros to buy new ones" I mean, these are small sugar ants, the holes were big in comparison. AND big. hahahahaha! QUE VERGUENZA!!!

Anyway, i asked today about my eczema, the secretary asked me if i am a nervous person...
my colleague says that i am a "sin verguenza" :) that i say everything, i don't have a limit, that i have a very strong character.
well, that is true;) not always good, but it doesn't matter.
what i think? i don't know, last year i was under a lot of pressure and stress from work, 9,5 hours 6 days a week and half of the time i didn't have time to think or even breathe... then i am not a smoker so i never even took small brakes... because of all that, my relationship went bad and also my private life, i never left my house. eat, sleep, shit and work... very bad. so maybe from then i haven't recuperated?

today the weather changed, the winds were very "wintery". i like it, i don't need the beach anymore for a while, not when i have to work anyway. on vacation i cant get enough!!! at least until i burn:)

i am thinking about the future. sometimes i just want to settle down, buy a house close to the woods and the see, have a cat and a dog. you know work and go on vacation, instead of work 6 months, leave the apartment and travel, live in different places, always someone Else's house/home. it gets hard after now 3 years.
but then, i don't know where that place would be? i want to explore the world, find my place here on the globe. but then my boy, don't have the need... what to do? patience is the word, perhaps in 1 year, or 2? or 3? and i am not the best person with patience...
but, if there is love, everything will be fine. AND I LOVELOVELOVE A LOT!

don't we all?

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